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Procurement Pub Debate



The Clarence
53 Whitehall SW1A 2HP
United Kingdom
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Procurement Pub Debate


Basware and Spend Matters invite you to a special procurement pub debate, to be held in our private room at the historic Clarence Public House on Whitehall in London at 5.30pm on Tuesday March 28th 2017.  Modelled (very approximately) on the world-famous Oxford and Cambridge Union debates, the motion for discussion, argument and ultimately voting is this;

“This House believes that major suppliers are still ripping off the government and the taxpayer”

We start at 5.30pm, the main debate will begin 6pm on the dot, and after four short speeches (7 minutes per person) there will be time for questions from the audience and a vote on the motion before we wind up at 7pm. So we do hope you can join us – it’s free, with refreshments provided, but we’d be grateful if you can register here to help in planning the food.

As well as being entertaining and lively, the evening will contain serious recommendations and ideas from our speakers, which should be useful to those (in both the public and private sectors) who need to buy from and manage large and powerful suppliers. Our speakers already lined up are;

Paul Clayton – entrepreneur, co-founder of public sector procurement tech firm Procserve, wine connoisseur and always a stimulating and controversial speaker, Paul has built companies, worked in senior line management and consulting roles, and knows the UK public sector from the inside and the outside.

Allan Watton – founder and CEO of the Best Practice Group, an advisory firm that specialises in rescuing major outsourcing deals and other strategic relationships that have gone wrong. That includes dozens - probably hundreds - in the public sector. Allan has written extensively about outsourcing and contractual issues, and his ideas on how to structure major contracts and manage powerful suppliers should be front of mind for everyone involved in these activities.   

Peter Smith – managing editor of Spend Matters Europe, a CIPS Past President, ex CPO in major public and private sector, and a man with an opinion on everything procurement related, even if it is often wrong. As a (not very successful) scriptwriter for the Cambridge Footlights, his conference speeches are notable for jokes that nobody gets, and he has promised to make sure his contribution here lives up to his usual standards. 

Caroline Cake – founder of consulting firm 2020 Delivery, which has done brilliant work in the NHS particularly over recent years. Caroline has an Engineering degree from Cambridge and a Harvard MBA and worked for ICI and McKinsey before starting the firm. 

Martin Webb – procurement legend, ex CPO in the telecoms industry and beyond, consultant and trainer. Martin has been working in recent years to improve commercial skills in the civil service through training and education programmes.


Make sure you register and reserve your place as numbers are limited.

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