Purchase-to-Pay Analytics Webinar with EBG Network

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Purchase-to-Pay Analytics Webinar with the EBG Network

During this webinar you will learn how you can break down spend data depending on who will view it, how analytics can help change behavior and how end-to-end visibility can help you ensure value is not leaked due to a possible disconnect between procurement and finance.

Being able to make sense of thousands of transactions from different perspectives, it being a CFO, CPO, treasury or accounts payable perspective, is becoming easier as new tools are being developed. Basware being one such company using their experiences and creating an application that make visible sense of  the masses of data flowing through their purchase-to-pay-solution.

During this webinar we go through:

• How can you make sure you can rely on the data you have access to?
• Analyze ”committed spend” (i.e PO’s) or invoiced spend (i.e paid for costs)?
• How can you minimize the disconnect between finance and procurement?
• What are the most commonly measured KPIs?
• In what ways can you change behavior using data