Webinar recording: Purchase-to-Pay: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Purchase to pay solutions are designed to provide organisations with control and visibility over the complete transaction process - from the way an item is ordered, to the way the final invoice is processed. View this webinar to find out how companies like Toshiba and Heineken have achieved success in P2P and reduced costs by up to 75%. An efficient P2P process frees up working capital, enables easier cash forecasting and provides a more streamlined and compliant financial environment.

Did you know..

  • 35% of AP departments haven’t paid suppliers due to internal finance errors
  • 47% of organisations still receive more than 50% of invoices in paper form
  • 7% of invoices contain errors (ie more than 6,000pa for an average enterprise)
  • 48% of all invoices are still processed manually

With real-life, practical examples and suggestions of areas that can be measured in order to improve purchase-to-pay processes, this webinar will arm you with the knowledge required to navigate your path to improved financial performance.