Drive Growth Through Finance & Procurement

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Ad van der Poel’s Keynote at Basware Connect 2016 

The global economy continues to transform at breakneck speed. Today, forward thinking finance and procurement professionals see these changes as opportunities, and in responding to them are transforming the way that business conducts business.
With these changes come unprecedented challenges. The rules have changed; operational excellence and accurate reporting is now taken for granted. Today’s CEOs expect finance and procurement to work together to lead the way in identifying new market and profit opportunities, strengthen relationships with trading partners, analyse data, offer predictive insights and act as a catalyst for change across the business. And all with one goal in mind; to sell more and spend less to drive growth.
Watch our keynote presentation on Finance and Procurement's future challenges, learn how to turn these into opportunities for the entire business and find out how Basware’s solutions can accelerate your growth! 
“36% of EU businesses believe their survival is threatened by late payment.” Ad van der Poel, SVP Financing Services, Basware"