Automated invoice processing with Basware InvoiceReady: case study F-Secure

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Safe and efficient automated invoice processing brings big benefits to F-Secure.

F-Secure, the global data security company, processes its invoices and expense claims using Basware InvoiceReady™. Powerful new processes provide real-time visibility of invoices and the information in them – from anywhere, anytime.  What’s more, paper invoices no longer pile up on desks, and folders full of archived invoices no longer fill the shelves. That’s automation at its best.

“It is important to evaluate the existing processes with a critical eye. Implementation of an invoice processing system is a great opportunity to create something new, instead of just copying old operating models into electronic format. Proper planning guarantees a successful project. We received a great deal of support in the various stages of implementation.”

    - Monika Lukinmaa, Head of Accounting F-Secure