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E-invoicing savings calculator

Want to know how much your organization could save with e-Invoicing?

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How many invoices does your organization send each year?

How many invoices does your organization receive each year?

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Based on how much you are currently invoicing each year, you can make significant savings by moving to full e-Invoicing.

Based on the amount of invoices you are currently receiving each year, you can make significant savings* by moving to full e-Invoicing.

*Savings estimate is based on the Billentis 2016 report and savings estimate formulas.

e-Invoicing is also a sustainable choice, saving a significant number of trees as well as the energy needed to turn them into paper and transport them, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions.

30 trees = 30000 paper invoices*

By switching to e-Invoicing your organization can help save trees and create a more sustainable economy.

*Estimate based on Conservatree's Earth Hour report

How will sending e-Invoices benefit your business?

Cost savings:
Get rid of paper and expensive manual processes and reduce administrative costs by 40–60%.

Cash flow:
Get paid faster. e-Invoicing speeds up how fast your customers can pay.

Increase visibility and control over account receivables with invoice status tracking.

Automatic invoice format conversions and built-in compliance support with country-specific VAT/tax regulations.

How will receiving e-Invoices benefit your business?

Automate your invoice processing. Get rid of paper and save time.

Cost savings:
Reduce the cost of handling invoices by more than 50%

Receive high-quality electronic invoices in the same format from all your suppliers.

Benefit from early pay discount programs due to reduced invoice cycle times.

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