Basware Discount: Dynamic discounting for better working capital optimisation

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Invest in your supply chain with early payments

Did you know that 80% of suppliers would accept a discount for early payment? *

Did you know that through dynamic discounting your cash can earn you upwards of a 36% return on your capital?

Basware Discount is a dynamic discounting solution available on the Basware Network. To find out more, view the video below.

What is dynamic discounting?

Unlike traditional early payment programs, dynamic discounting gives you the opportunity to receive discounts on ALL of your invoices. With Basware Discount, your early payment program operates on a sliding scale which allows you to receive both the maximum discount for a quickly approved invoice as well as a moderate discount for those invoices which take a little more time to be approved. More captured discounts equals bottom line savings which results in higher profit margins and top line growth.

Dynamic discounting benefits both you and your suppliers: 

  • Get more out of your working capital
  • Reduced supplier inquiries
  • Suppliers get more predictability into their cash flows
  • Improved liquidity strengthen the supply chain

*Source: Creating Payment Energy Research Report (avail. at: )