The Five Futures of Procurement

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What will your Procurement department look like in 5 years’ time? 

Have you ever been asked ‘where do you want to be in 5 years’ time’ in an interview? Well in this session at Basware Connect UK 2016 we effectively ask that question of the Procurement profession.
It could be argued that Procurement and procurement solutions are at something of a crossroads, with widespread availability of technology, rising artificial intelligence, global outsourcing, and complex relationships all creating demands and opportunities on the procurement function. 
In this trend talk, Guy Allen – Former Director of Procurement at Fujitsu, Abbey National and GlaxoSmithKline – shares his thoughts on “Five Possible Futures of Procurement” and the future the procurement function  may take over the next five years.
You’ll hear Guy’s thoughts on the following:
  • Expertise Facilitator – Procurement is undertaken by functions by trained specialists, facilitated by procurement experts.
  • Licensed Buyer – Only those with a relevant qualification are legally able to Procure, a ‘License to Buy’.
  • Technology Specialists – The processes of procurement continues to automate and the function’s role is primarily to feed and serve the technology.
  • Risk Manager – Procurement’s prime focus moves from cost reduction to risk management.
  • Relationships Manager – As more organisations rely on outsourced relationships, Procurement take the prime role in managing the organisations main third party relationships.
For any expert and  decision maker operating in procurement, this talk on the future of procurement is a must! 
“The mundane can now be automated. Do it well and you’ll achieve higher compliance and greater control of spend.” Guy Allen, Real World Sourcing