2012 Global E-invoice Study

The Shift Towards E-invoicing Ecosystem

The 2012 Global E-invoicing Study from Basware and the Institute of Financial Operations (IFO) reveals that electronic invoice adoption is increasing globally but there is a continued reliance by businesses of all size on basic and manual tools and processes including email and PDFs that are causing businesses to not realize the benefits of true e-invoicing.




Ecosystem drives e-invoice adoption:

  • 56% of businesses with sophisticated web-based or outsourced e-invoices stated a reduced cost of invoice processing (compared to 47 % of PDF users) and 38% reported reduced invoicing errors (compared to 28 % of PDF users)
  • 15% of respondents state that the majority of e-invoices are sent out electronically (up from 9% in 2011)
  • Supplier resistance to e-invoice adoption has decreased from 46% in 2011 to 26% in 2012
  • 61% of businesses with less than 100 employees stated customer demand as the key driver for an increased use of electronic-invoicing. Only 34% of 1000+ employee businesses state the same

The survey is based on 908 respondents from around the world.