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Procurex South: Click and Buy in the Public Sector

On behalf of Basware, and as a part of our partnerhip with MasterCard, I attended Procurex South last week.  It is always heartening, after all these years, to still see new ideas coming out of public procurement and this year was no different. Themes included the future of commissioning for the public sector, the need for transparency in procurement relationships and the rising interest in “...

What is OpenPEPPOL?

In simple terms, OpenPEPPOL, is like a mobile phone network for eCommerce. It provides the framework, addressing and standards needed for two or more organisations to trade and send information electronically between each other. And like a phone network, an organisation uses an access point (phone) to connect into the network. They also have their own digital address (phone number) and pay only...

How eMarketplaces can deliver further savings in the public sector

As a strategic partner to the UK Government, Basware was excited to see mention of the Government eMarketplace, hosted on the Basware Network, in a recent report published by Reform.  The report, “Cloud 9: the future of public procurement”, offers key recommendations for the future of public procurement – including an expansion of the goods and services currently available through Government...

Jumping on the e-invoicing bandwagon: The US embraces electronic invoicing

Forward-thinking governments across the world are moving to electronic invoicing. The key drivers motivating this shift vary from country to country and include cost savings or compliance with tax laws. In the US, the government’s interest in electronic e-invoicing is mainly driven by a desire for efficiency and cost savings. Read my full guest blog on Spend Matters »

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